New Lending Library Open at Stuyvesant Plaza

May 17 / Retail News

A new lending library is born.

Stuyvesant Plaza unveiled a new miniature lending library in early April. This free lending library was stocked with books from The Book House, but will include others as people follow the theme of take a book, leave a book.

The concept of the blue customized free library, according to Rachel Ferluge, Stuyvesant Plaza General Manager, was to inspire readers and expand access to books for the community. Because of the plaza’s geographic location, a sharing library at the plaza provides access to reading to more people at any time, day or night.

“The partnership with the Book House was an easy one,” Ferluge said. “They are a local, independent book store that has been in business at Stuyvesant Plaza for nearly 40 years. Susan Novotny, the owner, and her team have always been dedicated to sharing books with the community in many ways through readings, in-store events, book clubs, volunteerism and now, stocking our little free library.”

Located in the plaza’s breezeway between RAD Soap Co. and Primal Butcher, the library was constructed from an upcycled newspaper rack. It features quotations from famous authors displayed on the sides to encourage readers of all ages to choose and take a book.

The reception for the lending library has been amazing, Ferluge said.

“We have restocked the library multiple times since we revealed it in early April.” she said. “We chose April simply because we received the refurbished newsstand at that time. We intend to link the library to important themes throughout the year.”

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, according to Ferluge. Readers can anticipate looking for some books by Asian authors and about Asian experiences.

She encourages people to drop off new or used books to the free library so others may enjoy what they have already read.

Novotny said the Book House will design and print up a batch of “bookmark coupons” to insert into each book in the free library while supplies last.

For now, Stuyvesant Plaza will have just one lending library, but the plaza could add a second one in the future, Ferluge added.

“I hope the library encourages shoppers and residents to slow down, take a moment to either give a book and/or take a book. It’s an unexpected surprise that I hope brings a little joy to our visitors’ day,” she said.