Community Rules

Stuyvesant Plaza Community Rules

Stuyvesant Plaza’s mission is to create a place all people love. We welcome people of all races, sexual orientations, religions, ethnicities and abilities as members of this property’s family; we want everyone to feel like this is their home away from home. Please help us create this environment by being the best neighbor possible to those around you. We believe in helping our neighbors, sparking a friendly conversation and acting with kindness always.

To ensure we are meeting our objective of creating a place all people want to be, we do not permit any behavior that threatens the safety and enjoyment of our guests, tenants, vendors or staff. We specifically prohibit the following:

  • Vulgar language, bullying, or hate speech of any kind
  • Protests, political gatherings, petitions, or solicitation, except solicitation of signatures compliant with our Uniform Rules and Regulations for Soliciting Signatures on Nominating Papers and Ballot Questions in Massachusetts
  • Smoking, vaping, or illegal possession of or consumption of alcoholic beverages anywhere other than a designated area
  • Failing to follow instructions of security team and/or law enforcement on property
  • Loitering, lingering, and/or blocking property exits and storefronts
  • Destruction of property or use of any property possessions in an unsafe manner, including littering and vandalism of any kind (stickering, flags, etc.)
  • Possession of any article defined as an illegal weapon, unless the person possessing such a weapon is law enforcement personnel required to carry such a weapon
  • Photography or video recordings of any kind for commercial use
  • Leaving bicycles on property outside of designated areas

In addition to welcoming all humans, Stuyvesant Plaza is dog-friendly. Service animals specifically trained to help persons with disabilities are always welcome, in accordance with ADA requirements.

If you bring a furry companion with you, please note that your animal:

  • Must be accompanied by a responsible person and kept on leash at all times
  • Must not be disorderly or disruptive or threatening to any person in any way
  • May not be left unattended on the property or in automobiles
  • May not be allowed in certain stores or eateries based on Board of Health regulations

Lastly, Stuyvesant Plaza doesn’t end when you finish your visit; our community extends to social media, and we ask that you extend kindness and respect in our virtual spaces as well. We welcome constructive feedback in our service and guest experience and ask that you engage in a conversation with us to help improve this property. We reserve the right to ignore, delete or report commentary that is inconsistent with these expectations and/ or reflects any of the prohibited activities or behaviors listed above.